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By using Smartedge you accept the Terms of Service. The Terms of Service is the contract between you as a user and Smartedge as the service provider. Go here to read the Terms of Service.

Summary of Terms

This does not constitute the legal agreement; it is simply a summary of the main points of the terms.

  1. As the user, you understand that Smartedge is not liable for any losses or consequential losses to you or your business, from your use of Smartedge. This includes losses due to, but not limited to, erroneous tax reports or VAT returns. You, as the user, accept that it is your responsibility to ensure the correctness of any information you supply, to any authorities, or other company stakeholders. The maximum liability to Smartedge shall be limited to the amount paid by the user for the service, for the period in which the error occurred.
  2. Smartedge does not warrant that the service is free of bugs, viruses or other errors, though we do our best to correct any errors, as soon as we become aware of them.
  3. Smartedge does not warrant that the service is accessible (online) at all times.
  4. All the data stored on Smartedge relating to your business is owned by your business and not by Smartedge. Smartedge shall not disclose this data to any party without your consent.
  5. You agree that Smartedge can use parts of your data randomly to build industry statistics and other relevant statistics as long as your business, or any part of your financial information, cannot be identified through this use. Smartedge is permitted to offer special services to you (services not generally offered to every user) based on your financial data.
  6. As the user, you understand that access to your data on Smartedge can be temporarily denied, if you do not pay your subscription fees, or are in breach of the terms of service. As the user, you may not post or transmit any unlawful or offensive information, viruses or other harmful components, while using Smartedge.

Full terms

By accessing Smartedge, you accept the Terms of Service. Go here to read the full terms.

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