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Protecting Your Information

No personal computer, even one backed up daily, can protect your business finances like Smartedge. Your information is safely stored and transmitted, private to those with access rights only.

Smartedge enforces a five-tier security system to ensure that only users with access right can get to the information. At the same time, the system ensures that this protection facility does not make it difficult for legitimate and authenticated users to obtain the information they need to do their best job.

The Encryption Layer

The encryption layer secures any information that is transmitted between you and us. Your financial data deserves, and gets, the highest level of protection. Smartedge encodes your transmissions with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption, the same technology used by banks to safeguard billions of Rands in transactions.

Firewall Layer

The firewall checks every request for information. It determines if the request is legitimate. Illegitimate requests are blocked, and only legitimate requests are sent to the authorisation layer

Your data is kept on firewall-protected servers, blocking any unauthorised access. The storage facility is equipped with industrial-strength protection, against fire and other disasters, and your data is automatically backed up every day. This gives you complete peace of mind, knowing your data is well protected.

The Authorisation Layer

The authorisation layer verifies that the user is an authentic user. To pass through the authorisation layer a user has to sign in with a valid user name and password. Unless a user has been authenticated the user will be blocked and not sent to the privilege layer.

Smartedge allows access only to registered users, with a user name and password. When you set up your account, you choose the password that allows access to your data. That means no one, not even Smartedge support staff, can see your data, unless you allow them to. As an added safety feature, you can specify a security question and answer, in the event of a forgotten password.

The Privilege Layer

The privilege layer determines if an authenticated user has access rights to particular types of information. What privileges a user has is determined by the system owner in the company. The privilege layer ensures that a user cannot view or edit any data the user does not have access rights to.

The system owner decides who has access to business data in Smartedge. Different privileges can be granted to different users, according to their needs.

  1. Super users have access to all the information.
  2. Normal users must be granted access rights to each individual window (type of information).
  3. Advisors are either set up as normal users or super users.

The Access Level Layer

The access level layer determines if an authenticated user with the privileges to view a particular type of information has the necessary access level to view the information. Users get assigned a business unit access level in the company's organisational chart. This access level allows the user to only see information belonging to that business unit or its sub-units.

For example, a Sales Representative can have Privileges to view and edit sales orders. If the user's Access Level is set to SELF, he or she can only view or edit his or her own sales orders. However, if the Access Level is set to the Sales Department, he or she can view or edit all orders belonging to the Sales Department.

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