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Web Portal - Communicationg With Your Customers

All business growth begins with customer satisfaction. Grow your business by allowing your customers online access to their account statement, orders and invoices. Your suppliers can get access as well, so that they can see your trading records with them. The Web Portal is a SMARTEDGE concept that dramatically improves customer perception of your business.

Huge Benefits

Easier access for the customer improves customer satisfaction.

Your business will be perceived as solid, reliable and customer-focused, which will reassure new and existing customers.

Fewer phone calls from customers requesting routine information saves you time and money.

Time saved can be used to increase sales.

Cutting edge technology drives your business forward and makes it more professional.

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Account Statement

Your customers can view their current account statement online, which saves everyone time and money.

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Current Sales Orders

Your customers can view the status of their current orders and expected delivery time.

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Historic Statistics

Your customers get a summary of purchases they have made.

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Invoices, Other Documents and E-mail Communication

Your customers get a list of all past invoices and other documents issued by you. By ticking the checkbox(es) for the documents(s) they can viewed and copies can be printed. When more than one document is selected they will be assembled into one PDF document.

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Trouble Tickets

Provided you subscribe to BT2 CRM or one of our Enterprise Suites, your customers can add their own trouble tickets from your web-portal. When a customer adds a trouble ticket it will automatically appear in your trouble ticket list, and you will also get an e-mail alerting you that a new trouble ticket has been added from the web-portal.

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