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Work From Multiple Locations

With SMARTEDGE you can efficiently manage a multi-location business and your employees are not bound to the office when managing your business. SMARTEDGE introduces flexibility to your workforce, enabling your organisation to adapt to individual needs. This leads to happier people and a motivated organisation.

More Effective Collaboration

  1. Branches can work together at the same time on the same data.
  2. Information can be entered where it originates, which is faster and more reliable.
  3. Information can be viewed and printed where it is needed, which is more efficient and leads to quicker and better business decisions.
  4. With Smartedge, your colleagues do not need to travel to your office to get financial updates. Business developments can be discussed on the phone while looking at the same information online, making it simple to resolve important issues.
  5. With all business information organised in one place, the confusion and inefficiency of swapping files by disk or email is avoided.
  6. Smartedge includes user privilege functionality, to control who has access rights to what financial information.

Work From Home

  1. Issue invoices, enter bills and check your cash flow, without going into the office.
  2. If you need to spend the day at home, you can still get some work done. Whatever you enter from home will be available to everyone who has access rights.
  3. No more need to spend nights or weekends at the office. With Smartedge, time is not wasted on unnecessary trips to the office. You simply access your information from home.
  4. Your business information is organised in one place so it is easier to make decisions, no matter where you are.

Travel With Confidence

  1. Stay on top of your business when travelling. Your information is available to you, when meeting with customers and associates. All you need is an Internet connection.
  2. Multiple users can access business data from anywhere, helping you run your business more effectively.
  3. Sales representatives can check current stock availability and create sales orders, directly from a customerís premises. More efficient customer service leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased profits.

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