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Business Tools



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Only R 225.00/company/month


Only R 200.00/company/month

Micro Accounting

Only R 50.00/company/month

Enterprise Suites


Service Management

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From R 360.00/user/month


From R 480.00/user/month

Franchise Suites


Franchise Service

From R 450.00/franchisee/month

Franchise Product

From R 550.00/franchisee/month

Franchise Assembly

From R 650.00/franchisee/month

Software for Accountants (accountants and bookkeepers only)


Practice Management

From R 200.00/user/month

Professional Accountant

Only R 300.00/5-user/month

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Organisational Management

Organisation    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Organogram / Organisational Chart
Customisable Business Units (departments, cost centers etc)
Branches as Self-Contained Business Units
Business Unit Allocation
Business Unit Drill-Up (reports)
Internal Orders and Transfers
Employee Commission and Bonus
Sales Team Commissions and Bonuses
Company Groups    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Holding Company/Franchisor Company
Subsidiaries/Franchisees (independant accounts)
(Franchise) Group Accounting (consolidated accounts)
Independant companies (not-consolidated accounts) (not franchising)
Intercompany/Franchise Item Sharing
Intercompany/Franchise Supplier Sharing
Intercompany/Franchise Customer Sharing
Office Productivity    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Shared Calendar
Tasks, Appointments and Events
Notes and Attachments
Automatic Task and Appointment Invoicing
Recurring Tasks and Events
Document and Voice Log Library
Document Management
Customers, Suppliers and Contacts integrated with Skype and Microsoft Messenger
Link activities, notes and documents to customers, items, opportunities, orders, invoices, contracts, payments, receipts, supplier invoices or any other financial transaction
Alerts and reminders


Customers and Leads    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Activities and Notes
Address Labels
Age Analysis (multiple aging options)
Banking Information
Campaign Source
Classification (Lead or Customer)
Collection Period Analyis
Communication Preferences (e-mail/print documents)
Communication Tracking (e-mails/documents sent)
Credit Limit Control
Customer Balances
Customer Blocking
Customer Categories
Customer Groups
Customer Ledger
Discount Handling
Document Tracking
Foreign Currency
Interest Calculation
Interest Rates (customer specific or company default)
Mass Statements (e-mail and date customisable)
Multiple Addresses
Multiple Contacts
Multiple Ledger Accounts (A/R, Trust, Contract Accrual)
Parent Company w/grouped statements
Price Differentiation
Customer Specific Product Catalogs
Customer Specific Price Catalogs
Sales Statistics by Customer, Customisable Data Presentation
Standard Sales Representative
Standard Payment, Delivery and Transportation Terms
Statements with Age Analysis
Sales Opportunity Automation    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Opportunity Activities and Notes
Opportunity Value Estimation
Sales Pipeline Tracking
Automatic Conversion of Opportunity to Invoice
Order Fulfilment and Invoicing    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Back Order Processing
Bill of Materials
Business Unit Allocation
Cash Invoices
Commercial/Export Invoices
Container Tracking
Credit Notes
Customer Refunds
Delivery Slips
Electronic Documents in PDF
Export Duties
Foreign Currency Invoices
Freight Estimation, Costing and Invoicing
Invoices (Tax and Non-Tax)
Joint Capture Window For All Sales Documents
Mass Delivery
Mass Invoicing
Order and Quote Activities and Notes
Order Confirmations
Order Fulfilment Stages
Payments With Automatic Invoice Matching
Proforma Invoices
Purchase Order Suggestion from Sales Order
Quote to Order/Invoice
Sales Orders
Shipment Tracking
Contract Management    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Contracts for Progressive Invoicing (Sales Contracts)
Contracts for Recurring Invoicing (Subscription Contracts)
Contract Activity Tracking
Document Attachments
Initial Pro-Rata Invoicing
Multiple Invoice Cycles (Job Schedules)
Once-Off (Ad-Hoc) Contract Invoicing
Scheduled Recurring Contract Invoicing
Campaigns and Marketing    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Campaign Analysis
Campaigns Linked to Mass Communication (mass e-mailing)
Customised Datasets (sub-set of customers, suppliers or contacts)
Customer and Contact Dataset Export for Local Mail Merge
E-mail Templates (HTML/Plain Text)
E-mail Tracking
Mass Communication by E-mail
Stand-Alone E-mail Address Lists for Mass E-mailing
Commission and Bonus    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Personal Commissions
Team and Team Leader Commissions
Commission By Invoice or By Item
Commission Calculated From Sales, Gross Profit or Units Sold
Commission Payable on Invoice or Payment
Personal Bonuses
Team and Team Leader Bonuses
Bonus Calculated From Sales, Gross Profit or Units Sold
Bonus Earnings Carried Forward to new Bonus Period
Bonus Earnings Expiry
Customer Service & Support    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Service Cases
Automatic Service Case Invoicing
Service Case Activity Tracking
Service Case Employee Assignment
Trouble Tickets

Financial Management

Accounting    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Accounts Payable (Supplier Ledger)
Accounts Receivable (Customer Ledger)
Automatic Processing of Bank Statements From All Major Banks
Bank Manager / Cash Book / Payments / Account Transfers
Bank Reconciliation (Automatic and Manual)
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet by Branch/Subsidiary
Business Unit Allocation (departments,cost centers etc)
Business Unit Reporting
Cash Expenses
Cash Flow Statement
Cheque Tracking
Collection Period Analyis
Credit Card Reconciliation
Credit Card Tracking
Consolidated Company Reports
Customer Age Analysis
Customer Payments/Credits/Refunds
Electronic Customer Statements
General and Cash Ledger
Financial Ratios Analysis
Fixed Asset Management
Fixed Asset Depreciations (Automatic)
Income Statement
Income Statement by Branch/Subsidiary
Internal transfers
Merchant Accounts
Merchant Payment Transfers
Supplier Invoices
Sales Receipts
Settlement Period Analyis
Supplier Age Analysis
Supplier Payments/Credits/Refunds
Take-On Balance
Transaction Journal
Trial Balance
VAT Tracking
VAT Returns

Suppliers and Purchasing

Suppliers    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Activities and Notes
Age Analysis (multiple aging options)
Banking Information
Settlement Period Analyis
Communication Preferences (e-mail/print documents)
Communication Tracking (e-mails/documents sent)
Credit Limit Information
Discount Handling (supplier discounts)
Document Tracking
Foreign Currency
Multiple Addresses
Multiple Contacts
Interest Rate Information
Item Links with Supplier Item Code and Price
Parent Company w/grouped statements
Purchase Statistics by Supplier, Customisable Presentation
Standard Buyer Representative
Standard Payment, Delivery and Transportation Terms
Statements with Age Analysis
Supplier Balances
Supplier Categories
Supplier Groups
Supplier Ledger
Purchases    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Container Tracking
Continuous Inventory
Convert Purchase Order to Supplier Invoice
Cost of Sales Accrual
Foreign Currency Purchases
Freight Estimation, Costing and Allocation
Import Duty Calculation
Incomplete Delivery Handling (Purchase Back Order)
Joint Capture Window For All Purchase Documents
Landed Cost (supplier freight allocation)
Multi Currency Freight Costing
Purchase Orders
Purchase Returns
Request for Qoutes
Shipment Tracking
Supplier Invoices
Unit Conversion From Purchase Unit To Sales/Stock Unit


Contact Management    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Contact Activities and Events
Contact Details
Contact Notes
E-mailing of Documents to Contact
Integrated with Skype and MSN
Linked to Customer or Supplier
Skype (internet telephony) your contacts directly from SMARTEDGE

Items and Warehousing

Items    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Barcodes and alterntive item codes
Costing Codes for Freight Rates and Duties
Country of Origin
Default Inventory, Purchases and Cost of Goods Sold Accounts
Default COGS Accrual Account
Default Inventory Write-Off Account
Default Sales and Credit Accounts
Description and Extended Item Characteristics
Discount Matrix
Foreign Currency Prices
Freight Costing Item
Freight Item
Images Upload
Internal Equipment/Asset Item
Item Assembly/Manufacturing
Item Kits
Item Brands
Item Groups
Item Categories
Minimum Sales Price Control
Multiple Sales Prices
Multiple product suppliers
Packaging and Measurements
Produce PDF Datasheets Using Images and Item Characteristics
Prompt for Cost Price on Invoices
Purchase Statistics by Items, Customisable Data Presentation
Sales Statistics by Items, Customisable Data Presentation
Sales Unit and Purchase Unit with Unit Conversion
Last Cost Price
Supplier specific cost prices
Service Item (and non-stock product)
Stock Item
Styles and Models with Sub Items
Tariff Codes (customs & duties) for Multiple Countries
Variable Decimal Scale for both quantity and price
Weights, Volumes and Volumetric Weight
Warehousing and Stock    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Average Stock Cost Price
Continuous Inventory
Financial Inventory Reconciliation
Internal Orders and Stock Transfers
Inventory Write-Off
Minimum/Maximum/Order Points
Multi-warehouse support
Serial Number Tracking
Stock Adjustments
Stock Count
Stock Movement Tracking
Stock Turnover Analysis

Company Implementation

General Features    BT1       BT2    BT3/BT4/PA ES1/FR1/PM ES2/FR2 ES3/FR3
Company Preferences for Customised Set Up
Company Letterhead for Merging with Business Documents
PDF Documents (invoices, quotes, purchase orders etc.)
Company Logo
User Roles
Five-Tier Security Protection
Presentation Preferences
Import Customers, Suppliers and Products
Export Reports To Desktop Applications
Datasets (highly customisable sub-sets of customer, suppliers, contacts or items)
Software Upgrades and Maintenance
Automatic Daily Backups
24 hour, 7 days a week monitoring

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