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Data Management

Grow Your Business with SMARTEDGE

SMARTEDGE is designed for small business owners that value their time and have ambitions for their business. Managing information is just as important for a small business as it is for a large company. Without control over your inventory, or knowledge about your sales performance your profitability will suffer and the growth potential of your business diminish.

SMARTEDGE gives you as a small businesses owner peace of mind, knowing that your business data is well kept and available at any time from any location. With SMARTEDGE, capturing and tracking your business information is brought together in one place, making your data easily accessible to those who need it.

SMARTEDGE is easy to grow with. You can start out as a one person company and, as you grow, add more employees and business units, even new branches, without needing any new software. SMARTEDGE provides high-end functionality for ambitious businesses that want to grow, at a much lower cost than implementing traditional software.

Branch Management

SmartEdge is designed to manage business organisations efficiently. When using SMARTEDGE you replicate your real organisational structure. Transactions are allocated to the different business units in your organisation. All the information is drilled-up through the organisation, enabling you to look at performance from the lowest to the highest level.

Employees can be given access levels according to their position in the organisation, and since SMARTEDGE organises your data according to your business structure, managers can effectively monitor every aspect of their responsibilities, be it tracking the performance and activities for sales consultants or managing how a warehouse is performing.

With SMARTEDGE, medium-sized businesses have access to a solution that only large companies used to afford.

Company and Branch Management in One

SMARTEDGE is designed to manage branches efficiently. With SMARTEDGE, capturing and tracking business information for all branches is brought together in one place, making the data easily accessible to those who need it. Our web-based solution creates a single storage for all your data, allowing you, for example, to monitor inventory movements at any warehouse from any location. All you need is an Internet connection at each branch, and your company works as a unified organisation.

With SMARTEDGE there is no more need to do time consuming and costly branch consolidations. All information is drilled up through your business units and branches as you run company reports.

  1. Capture transactions either on Head Office or on a branch / subsidiary
  2. Branch specific reports
  3. Consolidated company reports
  4. Track branch income and assets
  5. Associate warehouses with branches
  6. Associate and/or lock accounts to branches
  7. Multi-branch or single-branch users
  8. No need to install software for any branch or physical location

Manage Many Warehouses

SMARTEDGE enables you to manage inventory in many local warehouses. All inventory information for all warehouses are transparent to any user that needs this information. This enables your sales consultants or warehouse managers to see if there is available stock at any other warehouse. You can also run sophisticated stock turnover analysis for each warehouse, allowing you to optimise your stock across your organisation.

With SMARTEDGE you can with a click see how many units you have available of any product in any warehouse, as well as how many units are in transit to any warehouse.

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Data Management


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