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Benefits of SMARTEDGE On Demand Software

SMARTEDGE is a complete online business management solution, for small and medium-sized businesses. With SMARTEDGE, both front- and back-office operations are brought together in one place, making the data easily accessible to those who need it. All you need is an Internet connection, and your business works as a unified organisation.

SMARTEDGE is a single, integrated business application. There is no need to re-enter and track data in different systems, or to rectify data which may be inconsistent or inaccurate. You can automate key business functions across your business, at a price you can afford. In a hectic day-to-day world it is easy to loose control of what is happening. Having consistent data located in one place gives you better overview and more control over your financials.

Although SMARTEDGE is a comprehensive solution, you can start out small with our eInvoicing software. As you grow you may see the need for one of our Enterprise Suites. With SMARTEDGE you can upgrade without needing to install any new software.

Better Collaboration

Improve collaboration with advisors such as your accountant or other stakeholders in your business. Invite them to join your Business Advisor Network. SMARTEDGE enables your accountant to work on your books at his or her convenience from their own location at any time. You and your accountant can work simultaneously with your financial data, and you can see the result of your accountants work immidiately. No more need to send files or faxes between you and your accountant. As an added bonus, your regular accountant is included free of charge, so that you don't need to pay any extra user fees for your regular accountant.

Multiple Locations

Our web-based solution means that people can work together whether they are on the road travelling or having a day at their home office. The moment they sign in, users become a part of the unified team, collaborating easily and effectively, whether they're just down the hall or in another city. Sharing information regardless of location allows customer prospecting and customer follow-up processes to become more consistent.

With SMARTEDGE you can efficiently manage a multi-location business and your employees are not bound to the office when managing your business. SMARTEDGE introduces flexibility to your workforce, enabling your organisation to adapt to individual needs. This leads to happier people and a motivated organisation.

High-End Functionality, Low-End Price

SMARTEDGE provides high-end functionality for small and medium sized businesses at a much lower cost than implementing traditional software. Because SMARTEDGE is an on-Demand Web-based software solution, there is no hardware to procure and no need for expensive server software. Since SMARTEDGE delivers software as a service, there is no up-front license fee, no upgrade fees and no installation costs, and as an extra bonus there is no back-ups to be made because we do it for you every day.

Software as a Service - Lower Cost of Ownership

International studies have shown that Web-based applications such as SMARTEDGE have significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership, compared with on-premise, client/server software - the preferred architecture of our competitors. Consider for a moment the cost of software licenses, maintenance, software/hardware upgrades, customization and support. By comparison, you will see that SMARTEDGE's online approach is the smarter choice for your IT budget now and in the future.

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